In 2019, we launched a mobile hairstylist app that is going to take the mobile hairdressing industry to a new level.

We’ve built a FREE mobile hairstylist app, allowing stylists to set up a profile, manage bookings and build their own customer relationships — because at the end of the day the experience and quality of service you provide for your customer is what keeps them coming back.

Whether you are a hairstylist or hairdresser looking for a job or even someone who no longer wants to work in a salon and wants to take back control over their lives – or a mobile hairdresser who struggles with keeping up with the marketing, payments, social media, invoices and their diary – then this is the perfect place for you! As a registered Freestylist you’ll be self-employed and have complete control of where you work and when you work. With our platform, you’ll no longer have to worry about managing your diary and finding clients – we’ll do it all for you! We’ve built this app so our Freestylists (yep, that’s what we call our community of amazing stylists) can have the best possible experience and focus on doing what they love.

If you are interested please follow the link below and get signed up to our mobile hairstylist app so we can keep you up to date, and don’t worry we won’t spam you with endless emails! You’re just as much part of it as we are.



Why be a stylist at Freestyle Cuts?


1) Earn up to double of what you’re currently earning

The million dollar question: how much money are you really making here? Probably, one of the most important factors too! We expect you to be able to earn up to double of what you’re currently earning. With the exposure to great customers and support, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts and we’ll help you grow.

2) Flexible working hours & location

The hours you work are set by you. You no longer need to work weekends if you do not wish to. As well as this you choose how far you are willing to travel so that you are only doing what you are comfortable with.

3) Set your own rates

Know your own potential and price as you feel. You create your own value.

4) We market for you

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube etc etc.. the list is never-ending. How many of you have found it inconvenient and time consuming managing all these mediums? However, have kept at it  in the hopes that it’ll help find new clients?

From now on, you won’t need to worry! We’ll do the marketing for you and continue building our customer database – so you stay busy. (Feel free to post anytime on your own mediums but primarily, we will be taking care of it all for you.)

5) Database of clients

The hardest thing that most freelancers face is finding new clients who are willing to trust them when they have no company behind them or no way of knowing they are genuine.

Once you become an authorised Freestylist on our platform, customers can trust you much more easily as you have gone through our vetting process. You will now also have a Freestyle ID, so you can build a strong profile through ratings and hard work. More importantly, you can showcase your work on your profile so potential customers can begin building that trust with you.

This will help you have a say and be recognised within a large industry.

6) Free platform designed just for you. Manage your schedule, profile and payments and more!

As the great Albert Einstein once said “Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple”. So we have tried to do just that; our platform has been designed so that it is free, super easy and simple to use for both customers and stylists.

Stylists will be able to manage their appointments and contact their clients directly through the app if needed. But very importantly, we will make sure you get paid on time and even for any no-shows or cancellations! That’s right – you’ll be paid at the end of every week for all your completed jobs! What’s better is that you will receive regular analysis ie client feedback which will help you constantly improve your service.

Are you excited?

Sign up with us today and stay up to date with all the awesome stuff that is about to come!


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